CMR Impact Productions Presents: Not the Man I Married Stage Play

NOT THE MAN I MARRIED is a play written and Produced By C. Michelle Lee. This playwright has been on the rise for over ten years or more with plays like He’s Not Your Soul Mate and The TEA. Her comedic viewpoint is done with style and grace, bringing comedy to reality with real-life experiences. Not the Man I Married is being presented on Sunday, March 17, 2024, by CMR Impact Productions at the Bowie Center for the Performing Arts.

This play has been touring from the South now to the North, it was seen here in DC at the DC Arts Festival with wonderful reviews in 2022 and now is back by popular demand. Not the Man I Married is based on a dysfunctional family that has endured years of domestic violence. Aunt Robin is not only funny but she is suffering from ”CMS”—“Can’t Member Smack” disorder, living in the house with her brother who goes to strip clubs with a bag of quarters to make it rain.

Mrs. Lee the Producer of the play along with Debbie Arnold-Franklin as her director, her Daughter TayJuana Lee as her Production Manager, and Crystal Allen as her Assistant Production Manager. These four ladies have brought together a strong play that features a star-studded cast. The play features C. Michelle Lee (Aunt Robin), Mario Booker (Uncle Buck), Annisa Hargrove (Shawn), Tee “Sylk” Harris (Kevin), and many more. The cast of this production will be using comedy and laughter to address the traumas of domestic violence — “The play is serious, but it’s like a rollercoaster. You can just go up, up, up, but the humor softens the downs. Give people something to smile about, to laugh through the pain, hurt, and misunderstandings.” Come out to see the play; you will not regret it! You will cry, laugh, relate, dance, and sing. We have traveled through the South; now we are bringing this cast to the DMV.

Come out and support this phenomenal play and cast!

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  • March 17, 2024 5:00 p.m.
    Doors Open
  • March 17, 2024 6:00 p.m.
    Show Begins
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