The Bowie Center for the Performing Arts is available for rentals throughout the year. 
The center is open for rentals to non-profits and for profits in and out of Prince George's County.

Generally, rentals are for events related to performing and visual arts. From time to time, the center
 is available for conferences and presentations by businesses and other organizations.



Step 1: Down load and submit an Event Worksheet (EWS) with a range of possible dates for productions and rehearsals.

Step 2: Once the center receives your EWS; you will either get an email or phone call to confirm that your event
            may move forward or not. Some reasons an EWS might be denied are lack of detail in the EWS, date(s)
            requested not available, or the content of your event


Step 3: Once we have a completed EWS you will then receive an estimate.  You will have 10 business days
             to accept the estimate.

Step 4: If accepted, the estimate with your 10% deposit made payable to the Bowie Center for the Performing Arts
             will be due 10 business days after receiving the estimate. The deposit is non-refundable.

Step 5: A production meeting will be scheduled with your team and the Center staff. This is required.


Step 6: Event Agreement will be issued and returned to secure your event.

Of course, this is the quick and easy version of the rental process. The process itself does have deadlines for deposits, references, payments, and the agreement that will be discussed in further detail after your EWS is accepted.



1. Event Instructions

2. Event Worksheet
Event Agreement

4. User Handbook

5. Rate Sheet